Fact Sheet 121
Identity Theft Prevention Tips for Job Seekers

This guide covers:

While no one person can completely prevent identity theft from occurring, there are things we can do to minimize our exposure.

During the search for a new employment, job seekers may be at a slightly higher level of risk to identity theft. This fact sheet is designed to help you become aware of potential problem areas so that you can avoid them.

Most on-line resume posting sites have a “Be Safe” section. Read it carefully. If you see any questionable job postings immediately report it to that site. If you are approached by a scam or suspect a scam in progress, also immediately report it to that posting site.

Items that do not belong on a resume:

Answering ads on the Internet or newspaper:

Scams: Please see ITRC’s Scams & Alerts


ITRC recommends that you do not fill in the sections asking for your driver’s license number or SSN. Instead, place a note saying “see below.” In the blank section at the bottom of the paper, write “Prefer to provide this information during the interview.” If asked, you can tell them that due to the explosive growth of this crime, you prefer not to include this sensitive information on forms. The reality is that this application may not be safely stored or may be thrown in the trash exposing you to possible identity theft.



When in doubt, you can check out a potential employer in many ways. One quick manner would be to look at the company website and verify its address, phone number and history.


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