Best Practices for Safe Mobile Device Usage

ITRC Fact Sheet 144 - Smartphone Safety

A Smartphone is a mobile phone with enhanced capabilities.  Many of these new functions are similar to those found on a PC.  With the increased abilities of the Smartphone, come built-in risks for exposure of personal information. This information, carried on and transmitted through the device, is highly desired for use by identity thieves.  There are steps Smartphone users can take in order to reduce the risks associated with using these handy devices.



ITRC Fact Sheet 145: Smartphone Threats 

The increasing use of Smartphones for daily activities is a growing concern when it comes to personal information that is stored on your device.   This information may be in danger of accidental exposure.



ITRC Fact Sheet 146: Privacy and Security

Ever thought of how well you know the functions of your phone? Now, ever thought of how much your phone knows about you? The increasing use of Smartphones for daily activities, such as emailing, banking, web browsing, shopping, bill tracking, social networking, file storage, and entertainment gives your mobile device the ability to know everything about you. Your Smartphone’s knowledge, if not protected, is a potential risk to your security and privacy.  The ultimate question to ask: Is my privacy and security at risk?




ITRC Fact Sheet 147: Risks of Mobile Applications


There is so much you can do on a mobile phone these days!  Many tasks you would do on a computer can now be done while on the go with a Smartphone.  However, with all of that accessibility comes a price.  That price may be diminished safety and privacy. Mobile Applications help users do everything from order a pizza to deposit checks. The dark side of this convenience is the risk users may have when the security of the mobile



These ITRC Fact Sheets and Best Practices for Safe Mobile Usage were developed and funded by a grant under the California Consumer Protection Foundation's Community Collaborative Fund.


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