Identity theft continues to be the highest reported consumer crime to the FTC, and has been for fifteen consecutive years. This demonstrates not only the seriousness of the crime itself, but also the need for better awareness and education aimed at consumer protection.

ITRC's research whitepaper, Identity Theft: #1 FTC Consumer Complaint 15 Consecutive Years, shows that while the numbers for 2014 are alarming, they do not come as a surprise to those active in the field.

“Communication aimed at a cross section of populations and the development of innovative programs and partnerships is more than just a good idea, it is absolutely necessary if we are to take this fight against identity theft and the related issues to a new level,” said Eva Velasquez, President/CEO of the Identity Theft Resource Center.

ITRC would like to thank Terrell McSweeny, FTC Commissioner, and expert panelists John Breyault, Andy Bucholz, Lisa Schifferle, and Shawn Tiller for participating in the discussion of ITRC's research whitepaper, Identity Theft: #1 FTC Consumer Complaint 15 Consecutive Years. ITRC would also like to thank Google for supporting the whitepaper. The findings are yet another reminder that whether young or old, everyone is at risk of becoming a victim of identity theft.

To read the whitepaper, click here: Identity Theft: #1 Consumer Complaint 15 Consecutive Years


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