Current Scam Alerts

Free Netflix Scam Targeting WhatsApp

Sorry, folks, Netflix isn’t giving away subscriptions despite what scammers claim. 

Sophisticated Tech Support Scam 

Scammers are getting more and more sophisticated in their efforts to steal your money and your identity.  

Cell Phone Upgrade Scam 

While customers were only indirectly victims, it speaks to the need for constant account monitoring.  

Hay Scam 

Yes, you read that right: scammers are stealing from hay farmers, but it really does affect us all.  

WannaCry Tech Support Scam

The WannaCry ransomware attack is making headlines around the world, and tech support scammers are ready to sweep in and “save the day.”  

"Rent Your Facebook" Ad Scam 

Beware the email—even from someone you think you know—that wants to “rent” your Facebook ad space.  

Small Business Scam 

Owning a small business is hard work, and scammers are hoping you’re too busy to notice the red flags in their proposal.  

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