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Criminal Charges Tax Scam 

It’s bad enough when a scammer makes you think you owe money to this IRS, but it’s worse when they make you think you’re going to prison. 

Hurricane Harvey Charity Scam

Any disaster—natural or manmade—brings the scammers out in full force to tug at your heart strings. 

Smartphone Malware Scam 

Never mail your smartphone to tech support for repair…if they’re the ones who called you, that is. 

Overdue Hospital Bill 

That phone call from the hospital billing department may actually be a scam. 

Online Sales Scam 

There are more ways than ever to sell your old things online, and scammers are waiting for you. 

Sweepstakes Check Scam

Don’t be fooled by promises of free money. 

Airbnb Rental Scam 

Don't believe those "too good to be true" photos of the perfect rental. 


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