Current Scam Alerts

Amazon Verification Emails 

Those emails from Amazon asking you to verify your account aren’t real. 

Fake Text Alerts 

Text alerts are a great tool for protecting your accounts but are also an open door for scammers. 

Dealer Services Spoofing Scam

Scammers trying to sell you an extended warranty on your vehicle. 

Retirement Scam 

It can’t be said enough: “You will never be required to pay for anything via prepaid debit card.” 

New Phishing Scam After Amazon Prime Day

Those purchases you made last Prime Day can trigger a scammer. 

Secret Accounts at the Federal Reserve

You don’t have a secret bank account lying around, and it isn’t stored at the Federal Reserve. 

Western Union Email Scam 

Do not share your bank account information with anyone who offers you money from a settlement. 


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