Current Scam Alerts

Secret Accounts at the Federal Reserve

You don’t have a secret bank account lying around, and it isn’t stored at the Federal Reserve. 

Western Union Email Scam 

Do not share your bank account information with anyone who offers you money from a settlement. 

Check Overpayment Scam Affecting Businesses 

Consumers have had to deal with “overpayment” scams for a while, and now criminals are setting their sights on businesses. 

New Utility Scam 

Homeowners are being scammed with charges for new water and power meters. 

Imposter Scam

It takes only a few minutes to create a fake website, so be careful contacting a company you found online. 

Criminal Charges Tax Scam 

It’s bad enough when a scammer makes you think you owe money to this IRS, but it’s worse when they make you think you’re going to prison. 

Hurricane Harvey Charity Scam

Any disaster—natural or manmade—brings the scammers out in full force to tug at your heart strings. 


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