New Mexico Phishing Scam               

Identity thieves are sending phishing emails to New Mexico businesses.

Election Phone Scam             

Scammers are attempting to gather personal information via fake political lobbying.

Government Grant Scam

Thieves are pretending to represent government agencies offering “free” money in order to solicit up-front fees.

Game of Thrones Phishing Scam       

Scammers target Torrent Users and other sites that allow users to download copyrighted shows with fraudulent anti-piracy letters.

Sheriff’s Association Scam

Thieves in the Galena, Illinois area are pretending to represent the local Sheriff’s Association in order to solicit fraudulent donations.

Sandy "Build it Back" Scam

Superstorm Sandy Victims are being targeted by scammers.

U.S. District Court Email Scam 

The U.S. District Court of Northern Illinois is warning residents in the area about an email scam falsely representing the court.


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