Current Scam Alerts

U.S. District Court Email Scam 

The U.S. District Court of Northern Illinois is warning residents in the area about an email scam falsely representing the court.

Amazon Returns Scam

Lamar County Deputies say someone is calling residents impersonating an employee of Amazon.

Student Loan Pre-Paid Scam

Using an updated version of an old ruse, thieves target college students who applied for short-term student loans. Scam

Thieves are using the popular services exchange website to defraud job seekers.

Sharpie Scam

Phony Facebook offer for “Free Sharpies.”

Marriott Scam

Phony telemarketers are promising five-star resort stays in exchange for Personally Identifying Information (PII).

Fertilizer Scam                        

Door to door scammers target elderly home owners with fertilizer scam.


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