Current Scam Alerts

Incriminating Evidence Scam 

The email says you’ve been investigated for a crime and the police have gathered evidence…but don’t click the attachment to see what they’ve dug up on you!  

Employment Scam Targeting New Graduates

Don’t be taken in by “easy money, flexible hours” messages.  

Utility "Overage" Scam

Don’t be fooled into paying for your electricity “overage.” 

New Grandparent Scam 

There are many ways that scammers target seniors where their grandkids are concerned.  

Parking Ticket Scam 

A phony ticket left on cars is leading victims to a fake scammy website to steal money and personal information. 

Discount Prescription Scam

The high cost of healthcare means scammers can lure you in with promises of inexpensive prescriptions.  

Veterans Healthcare Phone Scam 

It takes a real monster to steal money from veterans trying to receive health care, but that’s exactly what this scam is.  


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