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Current Scam Alerts

Fake GoFundMe Scams

One sheriff’s department has urged the public to file a police report if they’ve donated to a bogus crowdfunding campaign. 

Amazon “Empty Box” Scam

Customers have been scammed by receiving an empty box from third-party sellers.

Ruse Burglary Scam

Be wary of letting someone into your home, no matter what excuse they provide.

Data Breach Phishing Scam

Following news of a large-scale data breach, scammers may contact you to get even more information. 

Blank Check Scam


Never open a new account for someone who sends you a check.

Secret Shopper Scam

There are a few ways that mystery shopping scams emerge, but this one is pretty crafty.

Gift Card Resell Scams

A perfectly legal, convenient service could be a scammer in disguise.


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