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Current Scam Alerts

Random Verification Scam 

Whether it’s via phone, text message, social media message, or email, you don’t have to prove who you are.  

Bogus Coupon Scam 

Beware the online coupons that redirect you to a fake website.  

Parking Ticket Scam 

Did you get a ticket for parking in the wrong spot? Take another look.  

Google Docs Scam 

Don’t open that document…or that attachment…or that link!  

Unexpected Delivery Scam 

Delivery scams are nothing new, but this twist certainly is.  

"IRS Verification" Scam

There’s never a “safe time” from scammers, but some scams ramp up throughout the year.  

Medical Marijuana Scam 

Anytime something makes the news, you can bet there will be scammers waiting to take advantage. 


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