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Current Scam Alerts

Stock Investment Tip Scam 

Beware the offer of free money, insider tips, and can’t miss moneymaking deals!  

Lawsuit Threat Scam 

There’s a new twist on debt collection scams, and it’s actually a good sign! 

Uber Drivers Phishing Scam 

Freelancers, beware…scammers know how you get paid and how to steal your earnings. 

Phishing Scam Masking as Tech Support

Your computer isn’t infected, and you don’t have to pay to clean it out.  

Door-to-Door Sales Scams 

Even in the digital age, old-fashioned tactics are still a threat.  

Expired Software Scam 

Much like tech support scams, calls about expired software are hunting for victims.  

Gamer Account Scam 

Beware that gamer who contacts you online, they might not be who they claim to be.  


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