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Current Scam Alerts

US Immigration Scam 

Don’t be fooled by the phone number on your caller ID…  

New Shipping Scam  

That shiny new laptop you didn’t order isn’t going back to the store, even though FedEx processes the return.  

New Twist on the “Can You Hear Me?” Scam 

As weird as it sounds, this is one of the most highly reported scams.  

FTC Tech Support Scam 

That popup warning offering to clean your computer did NOT come from the FTC!  

“Free” Movie Download Scams 

That “free” movie you saw online or were sent by a friend may actually be filled with harmful software that infects your computer.  

Stock Investment Tip Scam 

Beware the offer of free money, insider tips, and can’t miss moneymaking deals!  

Lawsuit Threat Scam 

There’s a new twist on debt collection scams, and it’s actually a good sign! 


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