ITRC Solution 25
Detecting Scams 

Today, thieves are coming up with more and more devious ways to try and trick you into giving them your personal information. A criminal can open up a new line of credit in your name, rent an apartment, purchase cars, homes, and other goods, get a job, get out of criminal acts, or take over your bank account. In other words, the instant you give up certain personal information to a thief, you are in jeopardy.

What information do thieves want?

Here are some basic things to look out for when trying to determine if something is a scam or not.


Companies you may already be doing business with –

I want to get a line of credit with this company, is it legitimate?

I just got a notice that I won a prize/lotto. Is it legitimate?

Some rich person in another country or some US soldier stationed in another country wants to share their fortune with me or needs help moving their fortune to the United States. Is this for real?

For more information on scams, please visit the ITRC website section on Scams & Alerts.


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