State of Maryland

The following state government agencies can provide information about any state-specific
identity theft situation and/or help you with any state-specific fraud.


Reasons to Contact

Contact Information

Maryland Attorney General

State credit/security freeze information

Identity Theft Unit Phone: (410) 576-6491

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

MD Secretary of State

Contact for situation of tax fraud, voter fraud and issues regarding businesses.


MD Motor Vehicle Administration

Issues Driver’s Licenses and vehicle registrations.


Identity Theft Complaints:

MD of Human Services

Agency for welfare, foster care, disability, and social services.



Specialty Resources


Reasons to Contact

Contact Information

MD Identity Theft Passport Program

Law §8-305
identification given to victims of criminal identity theft to help prevent wrongful arrest due to fraud


Safe at Home

Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) For victims of Domestic violence or human trafficking, in an effort to keep their perpetrators from finding them.



Identity Theft Laws

While the ITRC does not give legal advice, we have provided a list of known identity theft laws that may help you.
We suggest that you share this information with an attorney or legal representative if you are going to pursue criminal or civil charges.


What it Addresses


Law outlining identity theft in MD, the jurisdiction identity theft can be prosecuted in and the penalties after prosecution.



Illegal to produce, sell, or create false identification.


Requires law enforcement to take a report of identity theft.


Defines account review and security freeze process.

§14-3501 through 3508

Laws outlining the proper procedure for handling and mitigating an information breach. Proper destruction of records.



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