I just had to take a moment to give you our family's heartfelt appreciation for all of your wonderful guidance. Words cannot express how grateful we are for YOU and your organization. I really don't think I would even be halfway functioning today without you, because as you know,

I was (still am) "frozen" and over-whelmed, by the devastating home burglary in which the identity information for our family was stolen. Your knowledge is beyond incredible, and your method of explanation is exact and calming. It is so beneficial to me, after our conversation, to follow up with your informational e-mail per our conversation.

Thank you again for being such a wonderful and special person. With your help, maybe we will be able to work through this overwhelming situation.

As you know I rave about you and your Center to everybody we see! Hopefully good things may come from my "praises". I also told the Crime Assistance Center about you, as well a DA, prosecutors, etc. friends.

Warmest Regards,

E, 6/2/2010


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