Dear Kat,
I cannot tell you how much I have learned from you and from the wealth of resources that I read on ITRC website and most importantly, from you directly. My 88-year old Dad was brutally murdered by his caretaker who is part of a mob ring and all of his personal identity has been stolen by the criminals.

The latter are still operating and allowed to do so by a foreign government police department. The identity theft has already resulted in the fraudulent title conveyance of all of my Dad's possessions in a foreign country to criminals. 
Since July 9, 2012, I have sought ways to alert international and government security and police and could not find any single source of information. 
ITRC's website has the most complete and best organized resources of any that I have reviewed. Even though I had completed most of the steps recommended on your site, I was still missing a couple of critical steps that were not properly explained to me by the credit agencies or credit monitoring companies or insurance company. 
Your factual explanation was clear, concise and dispelled the confusion and lack of transparency that I was faced with. As a victim, you have to be properly guided in spite of the emotionally charged issues that you face everyday. Kat, your empathy and willingness to listen and bring up the right Fact Sheet was critical and super helpful. I was so relieved to find out that your website confirmed the importance of what needed to be done first. 
I highly recommend ITRC invaluable on line information to anyone who is a victim of personal identity theft and fraud.

Anonymous 11/27/2012


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