David here, and I just want to say "thank you" for your help, thank you for listening to me and most importantly helping me and sending me this information. I did apply the freeze or security alert to my credit profiles and have contacted the FTC and have the Identity Theft Affidavit and am going to send it out tomorrow with the required documentation and I will get a copy of the Police report. I contacted the Ohio dept. and the IRS. So, I am doing I guess what has to be done or completed, but like you said, it's always going to be something for me to do and now this is what's so bothersome and I wish now I could or should just change my name. Start over or something. I just hope this can all work and my life seemed like it was starting to prosper and get better for me and for my recovery and graduating, but now look.
Ok well once again thank you Wilma. I appreciate everything most people would not have listened to me and gave a sincere reply or answered as much as you did and send me as much information as you did to my email here. That show's me the upmost professionalism and without no further a due, that you’re a "true" help and someone that is genuine.


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