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Earlier today I placed a call to your department and was assisted by a woman named Wilma.  The level of expertise and assistance I received was second to none and made me feel very assured of your company and department.  It is quite an uneasy thing to experience and there is a high degree of uncertainty in the situation, but it is reassuring to know there are people I can call who not only know what they are doing, but also care about it to such a high degree.

L.E.  08/22/11

I am writing to thank your Identity Theft Resource Center for your help when I needed it because a university had a hacker get into computer security. Both Matt and Rex showed an interest and concern lacking in other numbers I called.

A.D. 08/29/11

I received all three of my credit reports thanks to you.  I filled out the forms and sent them to the credit bureaus. Thanks for making my life so much easier...  You people are the greatest!!!

K.N. 06/25/2011

I want to let you know that I had a great experience with the service provided by one of the members of this organization. Her name is Gabriela. Very nice customer service and a lot of help. She guided me online to get forms and all information I need to resolve the problem that I have. I highly recommend this nonprofit organization.

E.G. 05/04/2011

Thanks for all of your help-and all that you do in the field of ID theft awareness. Cat (or "Kat") helped me out last week with matters relating to sensitive info and for her knowledge and help I am most grateful! Thank you so much!

SA 04/18/11

Thank you so much. You were great help. Have an awesome weekend!! Thanks again. Wish everytime you called to handle something they were as awesome as you.

KS 04/01/2011

I received my credit report and was horrified at what I saw.  I was in the process of preparing information to dispute their records when this morning I received a report from their investigation and all the incorrect information has been removed and my credit once again is in good standing and the companies


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