Hopefully mine will be an Aftermath soon...can't wait to fill it out.:)  Thanks so much for your help - you guys are so, so awesome!

RH, 2/12/2010


You are the best customer service person that I have ever spoken with.  When life is so busy and frustrating it is so refreshing to talk to someone who "gets it" right away, and has the solutions.  Have a wonderful day and know that you are appreciated.

DA, 2/10/2010

Just a quick note to thank you first for listening, and second for supplying the appropriate documents we needed to resolve the identity theft my husband incurred.  We completed the appropriate forms you provided, filed an amended report with the sheriff's department,

I would like to thank you for taking the time out and going through the process with me step by step.

DA, 2/8/2010

I took the time to answer this survey which I generally will not, except that when I reached out to your staff for assistance when we had to appear in court to make a statement about a FG that was caught breaking in to my son’s car, one of your staff was so wonderful... 

On behalf of MADD San Diego County, we would like to thank you for your participation in our 6th Annual Walk Like MADD 5K.  Identity Theft Resource Center's participation contributed greatly to making our 2009 WALK a huge success!  With over 1,000 walkers and more than 80 sponsors and vendors,

Thank you so much for the telephone call yesterday.  You spent almost an hour on the phone giving me advice, and we checked various aspects of my system.

I very much appreciate your time, concern and very good advice.
Thank you!
Sandra J. Oliver
Town Clerk Tax Collector


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