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THKS Wilma I have received paper work. I will be in touch. Thanks again for providing me with support.


Hello Wilma,
Thank you for all the help you have given me regarding the credit card fraud.  You have given me more encouragement and information than I have received from all of the many Companies who advertise they are there to help in a situation such as my husband and I have found ourselves in.  It is mind blowing how someone can steal someone's identity to obtain thousands of dollars and it is even more mind blowing that the credit companies will allow this to occur and then when done, take it to the news media..
Yours truly,
MB (concerned citizen)

Thank you for your participation in the 11th Annual National Night Out. All the residents were ecstatic to meet you. It was a hot day and I appreciate you taking the time out to meet with all the military families. Your dedication and time really makes a difference in the lives of these families.
Thank you again and I hope to see you at the next National Night Out!

Lincoln Military Housing
Community Services Lead Coordinator

Cody is knowledgeable, courteous, and skilled, and very helpful to me.  He is an asset to your company, and does good work. He has been very caring and of value to my case.  Thank you for your help.


Hi Kat,

Thanks for all your help last year when I had identity theft happen. I got overwhelmed and probably didn't do everything I should have, but....I think things are mostly ok, thanks to you.

I thought the survey was gonna be about how good YOU were, so I finally do it, and it had nothing to do with saying how good you

I'd be happy to do a good customer service survey for you if you send me one,



Thank you Wilma for your immediate and thorough response. I will follow the steps you outlined and contact you again should I need to take further actions. Thank you again.

KB 6/3/2013

Dear Kat,

Many thanks for your help on the telephone as well as the information you provided in your email. Your advice has been followed and now I only hope the results will be positive in my favor.


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