Success Stories

Thanks very much for the detailed information and follow-up. I spent most of the afternoon filing reports and will continue this morning with the other suggestions you have listed below. In this world of "everyday people" you have been most kind.

Best Regards,

GC, 5/5/2010

I am now taking care of this and feeling a lot better.  Thank you for your kindness.  Sorry I got a bit upset.  Thank you for all your help too!

P, 5/3/2010

Well good news - FINALLY!  I want to thank you!!! for all your help and good counsel - I felt completely in control after each conversation with you...and believe me, a very nervous victim prior!!!!  I have bookmarked your website as an FYI. 

Your help is refreshing and greatly appreciated.
LC, 3/12/2010

Talking about being a fraud victim and then experiencing various kind of mess, I really thank God for giving me strength and you for your sincere assistance, and other agencies that've been helping me out.  God bless.

SB, 3/4/2010

I already filled out the survey a while back, but just wanted to let you know how valuable your help was. As I mentioned in the survey, you were incredibly kind and professional, and you really put my mind at ease. Also, I've never dealt with anyone who was as prompt in following up with email information

Thank you so much for the help you provided me. You were the most helpful person I spoke with in this challenging process.

Again, thank you so much!

APD, 2/25/2010


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