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Hello Mr. Davis,

I wanted to tell you that Wilma is wonderful and she has been a tremendous amount of help to me, due to being a victim of Identity theft. I know that it was from one of the job applications I had filled out.

I am a recent victim of identity theft and check fraud.  I called  ITRC, and had the great fortune of receiving Wilma's superior advice. She is an expert on the subject of check fraud, and helped me get to the right people in order to protect myself. 

In Hawaiian, Mahalo nui loa, means thank you so very much and I mean that with heartfelt sincerity...How blessed is your employer and all the folks you offer aid and support to.

Just wish to say thank you for all that you are doing to help me with this identity theft thing. You are a very big help to me and I did get the form I need to get all charges dropped off my name.

RC 03/26/2012

In the 2 years I have been dealing with these attacks, my family and I have turned to many places that we thought would provide help, shelter, guidance, or even just to redirect us to where we can get help...

Thank you for your prompt response. Your organization's website and responsiveness to victims of identity theft is truly appreciated. You made such a difference in my student's life today. Thank you again.

GL 2/1/12

We found your service and it was the best thing about our experience with identity theft – Wilma was amazing.  She was very intuitive and she was able to help us stay ahead of the trauma, and gave us so many useful tools and suggestions.  It would have been much, much more difficult to get through all of this without ITRC, and we would have been much more traumatized without your help.  I’m so glad that there is a service like yours out there.  We have shared what we have learned with friends and family, and we hope that everyone is being more careful with their identity now.  It’s ugly out there.


N.R. 01/11/12 


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