The Maryland Attorney General is warning local businesses to be on the lookout for an email scam involving his office.

Who Is It Targeting: Business Owners In Maryland

What Is It:  Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh is warning business owners in the Maryland area to be on the lookout for an email representing that it comes from his office.  In the scam, an email is sent to business owners that appears to originate from the Attorney General’s Office.  In the email, the consumer is informed that a complaint has been filed against their business.  The email then includes a link that allegedly sends people to a document so they can file a response to the complaint.  In actuality the link is a zip file that installs a virus on the consumer’s computer. Once infected, the scammer uses the virus to harvest the consumer or business’s sensitive information in order to commit identity theft or other forms of fraud.

What Are They After: Personally Identifying Information, Tax Information, Social Security Numbers

How Can You Avoid It:  According to Frosh, the Attorney General’s office does not send complaints of this manner via email.  Therefore any email of this kind supposedly originating from the AG’s office is a sham.  Consumers are being warned to not open emails purporting to be from a government agency if the email address doesn’t end in a .gov or .us.  It’s a good general rule of thumb to never click on links you receive from persons you don’t know.  If consumers have questions about this scam or feel they’ve fallen victim to it, they are encouraged to contact the Consumer Protection Division at (888) 742-0023.

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