Data Breach Consultation Services

The ITRC offers independent consulting services regarding data breach response issues.  The ITRC has a longstanding history of communication with consumers and we bring that perspective to all that we do.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Review of your notification letter to ensure all information is understandable to the average consumer
  • Option to list the ITRC as an additional resource on your data breach letter as consumers, victims and the general public trust the ITRC as a relevant national resource on these topics.
  • Creation of informative, co-branded webpages and documents for clients and customers including FAQ’s, links to letter templates and step-by-step instructions for victims, if appropriate.
  • Direct links to ITRC’s document library as appropriate for the specific situation.
  • Training of your first responder call center to ensure the consumer/victim perspective is not an afterthought.  Teleconference will educate first responders (your call center or a call center you have hired) on how to deal with the specifics of the data exposure, what to do now, the detection of identity theft, and risk reduction.  The first responders must be able to impart calm and reason to callers whose data has potentially been exposed, and facilitate an understanding of what it means.
  • Escalation (2nd tier) call center services for complex questions and to assist customers who discover they are actual victims of identity theft

We emphasize that a person affected by a breach is not an identity theft victim. Our goal is to minimize any fear and distrust your customers may have following a data breach incident.  We do so by providing your customers with the specific information they need and reassuring you that each person will be provided answers and assistance as needed.

For more information please contact the ITRC at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 858-634-6386


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