Some apps that are claiming to stop unwanted calls are turning out to be scams themselves.

Who Is It Targeting: App users

What Is It: Individuals looking for “call blocker” apps may fall victim to downloading an app that exposes their contacts’ information. Instead of blocking calls, the app obtains the phone data and then disguises robocalls (an automated telephone call) by multiple perpetrators. Victims reported receiving even more robocalls, scams and unwanted calls after they downloaded these apps, which include TrueCaller, Hiya and Mr. Number.

What Are They After: Personal information

How Can You Avoid It: Before downloading an app, check the number of downloads and reviews. Any app that requests access to your contact list is a red flag. By sharing this kind of information, you are putting yourself and your contacts at risk of identity theft. Another way to prevent spam calls is to register your phone number on the Do Not Call list. You may also report scam calls to your attorney general’s office.

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