Scammers are targeting job seekers in South Bend with offers of paid mobile advertising position.

Scam: Car Wrapping

Who Is It Targeting: Job Seekers South Bend Indiana

What Is It: Residents of South Bend, Indiana are reporting a scam in which they answer an ad on craigslist claiming that they will be paid to place a Rockstar Energy Drink ad on the their car.  Once the victim has agreed to be part of the mobile advertising campaign they will receive a check in the mail.  These specific scam checks look as though they are being written by the University of Chicago.  The victim is then instructed to take $400 out of the check for $1955 for their payment and send the rest back to the organization via wire.  The check then bounces because it is a fake check and the victim is out the $1555 that they have sent to the scammers.

What Are They After: Wired Direct Payment

How Can You Avoid It: If you see a job that is seemingly too good to be true, it probably is.  You should avoid it, especially if it is being offered online.  You should also never agree to cash a check and send back part of the deposited funds.  This is a sure sign of a scam.  If you have been a victim and sent the money back to the scammers, most likely you will not be able to recuperate your losses.  However, you should call the ITRC at 888.400.5530 to make sure you protect yourself from further risk.