Thieves are using the popular services exchange website to defraud job seekers.

Who Is It Targeting: Users (Charleston, South Carolina)

What Is It: is a website where users can find or offer services on everything from home nursing to pet care to housekeeping.  Lately scammers have been targeting job seekers by pretending to be potential clients for care providers.  They say they have a disabled child and need a wheelchair.  The criminal sends a check to the victim via overnight mail.  They request the caretakers cash the check and forward the money to “a wheelchair company” so that its available for pick up.  This is a new twist on a familiar job scam.  The check of course is fraudulent, but will still very likely be initially accepted by the victim’s local bank.  Then a week later and after the victim has already forwarded the money for the wheelchair, the bank will tell the victim the check is a fraud, and that they are liable to the bank for the entire amount.  The client will then promptly disappear leaving the victim out the cash.

What Are They After: Cash, Wire Transfers, Green Dot Cards, Money Gram

How Can You Avoid It:  As a general rule, never accept or try to cash checks from an unknown source if you haven’t met the check signer in person.  Never agree to payment from an employer where they pay you more than you’re owed and then request you send money back.  This kind of request is always a scam.

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