There are a lot of things to celebrate about this time of year. Whether it’s the relief that the tax filing deadline is behind you or the many awareness campaigns that are observed in April, or even if it’s nothing more profound than the coming of another spring, there are a lot of things to be happy about during this month.

One of the most important events you can celebrate each April, though, is the Better Business Bureau’s nationwide Secure Your ID Day, a day to set aside some time to focus on making sure you’re fully protected in terms of locking up your identity, securing your tech, and keeping hackers and scammers away.

Among the many live events around the country, various branches of the BBB in participating states will be hosting two important activities in conjunction with Secure Your ID Day. The first is the appearance of mobile shredding units that will accept documents for free shredding. This is a great opportunity to get rid of some old papers that contain personally identifiable information, which will help ensure that your data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Be sure to check the different guidelines for each city, as different locations will have per-person maximums and guidelines for the type of material that can be destroyed.

Not sure of what to shred, and what to keep? The BBB has provided this document (available by clicking the link) to give you some guidelines on how long to keep important papers, and what to get rid of.

The other data destruction offer at many of these events will focus on your digital data. In partnership with Verizon’s HopeLine, the BBB events will collect your old cell phones, wipe all of the sensitive data out of them, and then recycle them for victims of domestic violence. You can not only rest assured that your personal information isn’t going to be left lying around for a hacker to steal, but you’ll also be keeping your device out of a landfill—where its battery and components can cause damage to the ground water—while helping an abuse victim have a means of calling for help.

The following link will give you more information about events in your area, as well as direct you to the right place if you’d like to see an event in your community. Even if you’re geographic location doesn’t offer a specific event, you can still make April 18th a day that you focus on securing your information and your identity.