Social media users are falling for the fake news about of a celebrity death, leaving their account exposed to scammers.

Who Is It Targeting: Facebook users

What Is It: In this scam, an individual clicks on a fake Facebook post from a major news outlet about the death of celebrity, Brad Pitt. The individual is then redirected to a pop-up window that requests them to enter their Facebook credentials in order to access the news story and falls victim to the scam. The scammer now has access to the Facebook user’s account and is able to scan their devices for personal information. Any time your personal information is compromised you can be at risk for identity theft.

What Are They After: Personal information, account information

How Can You Avoid It:

  • Anytime a website redirects to another website, always review the domain
  • Do not click on unknown links or give permission to access your Facebook account
  • Always remember that no reputable news outlet will require this type of interaction on your part to share the news with you
  • Immediately change your password and other passwords associated with your Facebook credentials
  • Do an anti-virus scan on your device
  • Contact Facebook and report the scam

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For full details of this scam check out this article from NBC News.