Though it may be surprising, children can be victims of identity theft too. In fact, they are often targeted because they have no credit history and the crime may go undetected for much longer as children do not use their credit. The below information will help you identify if your child may be a victim of identity theft and what you can do to clear your child’s identity.

Remember, if you aren’t sure about what you need, you can always call the toll-free call center at 888-400-5530 for one-on-one assistance.

If you are a parent who wants more information about how to protect your child from identity theft, visit our consumer page. Remember that no matter your problem or concern, we are here to help.  Please do not hesitate to call us Toll-Free at 888.400.5530 to speak with an advisor for free assistance. You can also reach us through live chat or via email.


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