Computer owners are being targeted by scammers selling “IT help” to people who don’t need it.

Scam: Click4Support

Who It’s Targeting: Computer users

What It Is: A company that offered bogus tech support to internet users by posting sidebar and popup ads that appeared to be from major-name computer companies. Instead, clicking the ad only redirected consumers to a telemarketing call center where they were fleeced for thousands of dollars each. The fake tech support reps would be granted control of the callers’ computers and use that control to convince customers they had a virus.

What They Are After: Money, pure and simple. Instead of offering actual technical support, Click4Support told computer users that they had viruses and other similar issues, then sold them the repair for a problem they didn’t have.

How You Can Avoid It: Never provide remote access to your computer to someone you don’t know or a company you cannot identify. Don’t pay for a subscription service or give money over the phone to a company whose business you can’t verify.

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