Right now is a very difficult time for a lot of individuals as concerns around the COVID-19 pandemic continue to be at the top of people’s minds. In addition to the inconvenience of social distancing and isolation and the very real fears for personal health and safety, many people are also facing the stress of […]

In the latest IRS scams by email, criminals pretend to be with the IRS and claim that you are eligible to receive another Economic Impact Payment.

You don’t have to resume your student loan payments until 2022. However, it could lead to another rise in student loan forgiveness scams.

SentiLink talks with the ITRC in the newest Fraudian Slip podcast about the unprecedented levels of identity fraud as people have applied for government benefits during COVID-19  For the first time since the reports of unemployment identity fraud began to spike in March 2020, the number of cases has steadily declined. So have the number of fraudulent stimulus cases linked to identity fraud.  However, June […]

To avoid an online job scam, be careful how much personal information you share and use reputable websites to find employment opportunities.

Multiple states including California, Florida, Colorado and more, are offering lottery & sweepstakes incentive programs for COVID-19 vaccine recipients but scammers are taking advantage of the eager consumers.  Scammers are posing as government officials and informing vaccine recipients they have won a lottery and follow-through by asking for bank details and Social Security numbers.  To avoid these scams, be on alert for anyone asking for banking and personal […]

Feds shut down a fake COVID-19 vaccine website after discovering it was stealing people’s information to commit different forms of fraud.

Scammers are taking advantage of FEMA’s new assistance program for families of loved ones lost to the coronavirus with a COVID-19 funeral scam.

While more people get the coronavirus vaccine, the COVID vaccine fraud concerns continue to rise, including fakes vaccine cards and passport apps.

ID.me shares with the ITRC in the newest Fraudian Slip podcast exploring the latest identity theft trends  According to ID.me Founder and CEO Blake Hall, the ultimate unemployment benefits fraud totals could be between $200-$300 billion for the last year.   Hall also says that over 50 percent of the claims being paid on are fraudulent, individuals are applying with their own identity in multiple states, and that eligibility fraud is at 30 percent.   To learn […]