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Subscription Renewal Scams are Another Way to Steal Your Identity: ITRC

Scammers want you to click on malicious links in their subscription renewal scams so they can steal your personal information.
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IRS Scams by Email Continue with Third Round of Economic Impact Payments

In the latest IRS scams by email, criminals pretend to be with the IRS and claim that you are eligible to receive another Economic Impact Payment.
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Student Loan Borrowers Are the Targets of Student Loan Forgiveness Scams

You don’t have to resume your student loan payments until 2022. However, it could lead to another rise in student loan forgiveness scams.

“Federal Government Empowerment Money Grant Program” Scam

The Federal Government Empowerment Money Grant Program scam is after your money, personal data and account information.

USPS Email Scam Sends Fake Delivery Failure Notifications

Emails claiming to come from the USPS about a “Delivery Notification Failure” is a USPS email scam. The USPS won't email you to pick up a package.

Have You Received a Suspicious Email Asking for a Signature? It Could Be an E-Signature Scam

E-signature scams are rising as remote workers rely more on services like DocuSign, HelloSign and other similar services. Recently, some employees at the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) received…