New York Special Olympics

New York Special Olympics Email List Suffers Hack

It takes a bad criminal to attack donors to a beloved non-profit organization, but that is exactly what happened with the New York Special Olympics organization. Who Is It Targeting: Donors to the New York Special Olympics organization What…
TikTok app

Military Warned Against Using TikTok

The U.S. Army is the latest branch of the armed services to issue an order against using TikTok. Who Is It Targeting: Video app users What Is It: Data theft, “leaky” app What Are They After: The U.S. Army just became the second…
Social Security scams

Social Security Phone Scam

Be on the lookout for a popular Social Security phone scam that targets Social Security recipients. Who Is It Targeting: Senior citizens and Social Security benefits recipients What Is It: Social Security phone scam that masquerades as…
puppy during the holidays

Puppy Scams

Are you planning on bringing home a furry friend this Christmas? Be careful where you buy and do not fall for a puppy scam. Who Is It Targeting: Prospective pet owners What Is It: Puppy scam that involves a bait-and-switch What Are…
shopping ad

Advertisement Scams

What is it: Fake advertisements on social media platforms Who is it targeting: Social media users, consumers who have searched for specific products How does it work: Social media platforms are filled with advertisements for…

Flipping Scam

What is it: “Flipping” scam that promises you big money on social media Who is it targeting: Social media users on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and more How does it work: A flipping scam looks a lot like a pile of cash,…