What is Cy Pres? 

Cy pres awards are leftover funds from class action lawsuits that were not able to be distributed to the intended class member recipients. These funds can be distributed, under the cy pres doctrine, to organizations that further the interests of the intended class member recipients so that the funds have as near as possible an effect had they been actually distributed to the underlying class.

ITRC: The Ideal Candidate for Cy Pres Awards

The ITRC, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, has been the recipient of multiple cy pres awards because of the unique services we provide directly to victims of identity theft, scams, and related fraud. The ITRC is a national resource which operates a no-cost, toll-free victim assistance call center and educates the general public regarding these crimes via multiple forms of media and social interaction. We provide victims of these crimes with a professional Victim Advisor who will assist the victim personally, one-on-one, until they have completely resolved their cases.

In addition, the ITRC receives referrals from and actively works with the Department of Justice, Office for Victims of Crime, and the Federal Trade Commission to help victims with complicated cases. This direct assistance we provide comports with the spirit of the cy pres doctrine requiring that cy pres funds are distributed as to have “as near as possible” an effect had the funds been distributed directly to the intended class recipients.

Victim Assistance

The ITRC receives approximately 10,000 calls from new victims and consumers every year. Since 2006, the ITRC has helped tens of thousands of victims and consumers via our call center. Case mitigation often requires hours of knowledgeable assistance from ITRC’s experienced victim advisors.

The ITRC also maintains and updates more than 240 written documents to provide victim assistance and public education on a variety of topics regarding identity theft, fraud, scams, and cybersecurity at no cost to consumers.

Heightening Awareness and Furthering Education

The ITRC works tirelessly to promote the awareness of all forms of identity theft  (financial, medical, governmental, criminal) and educate the general public on how to protect themselves from identity theft or remediate their case should they fall victim. We provide a wide range of education and awareness efforts through media outreach, our robust social media, presentations and trainings. The ITRC reaches millions of consumers annually via all of our educational output programs. Our site provides a wide variety of information on identity theft and related fraud issues to victims, consumers and others who may have interest on these topics. Documents are made available in English and Spanish. 

Contact Us

For more information about how you can help victims - of identity theft, scams or any related fraud - by directing a cy pres award to Identity Theft Resource Center, contact Mona Terry at (858) 634-6388 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The ITRC gives special thanks to our donors and those responsible for directing cy pres awards to us.



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