Phishing attack, spoofing attempt, ransomware, botnets… the lingo surrounding technology can be pretty strange, but it can all lead back to a very real threat to your data if you’re not on top of it. Even worse, new technology and new methods of attack appear practically every day, making it hard for even the most […]

One of the earliest large-scale social media sites, MySpace, suffered a data breach that may have occurred as early as 2013 but was only discovered in 2016. The stolen information was found for sale on a black market data website and contained usernames, email addresses, and passwords to an estimated 360 million user accounts. When the announcement […]

When it comes to protecting our privacy and staying safe online, new data from the Pew Research Center shows that too many of us aren’t as savvy as we think. The need for strong passwords, the dangers of connecting to public wifi, even the ability to spot common scams are topics that many people aren’t […]

You can take lots of steps to avoid malware and cyberattacks on the devices you own. But how can you protect your online safety when you use public computers at your local library, school, cyber café, or hotel lobby? How Safe Are Public Computers? Public computers are not as safe as personal devices because you […]

As the weather turns warmer, many people start looking around at their home improvement projects and “spruce-ups” that they’ve put off through the winter. While no one adores the chores associated with cleaning out the gutters or washing all the windows, there is a real sense of accomplishment when it’s over. When we’re through, it […]

If you’ve spent even a few minutes of your life near a computer, you’ve probably already been schooled on the need for strong, unique passwords. Strong passwords are typically between eight and twelve characters’ long, and they contain a seemingly random combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Unique passwords, as the name […]

The internet of things has produced some really cool innovations. From lamps that come on when you drive up to your house to countertop crock pots that you can turn on and off from your desk at work, our connected lives are easier than ever. But the power of the internet isn’t just for convenience. […]

Internet access at home has become a must for most people: adults need it for work, bills, and shopping; kids need it for homework; everyone uses it to download entertainment and keep in touch with friends. Many of us get web access with a home Wi-Fi network, but most of us don’t know how to […]

Are you a social media addict, or do you shun the whole Facebook and Twitter thing? No matter how connected you are or aren’t, a new report from Javelin Strategy & Research shows there may be pros and cons to both. First, the general findings of their study: there were 15.4 million US victims of identity theft […]


Many internet users have accounts spread far and wide across the web. Online accounts for your social media apps, email provider, and bank accounts are practically a given these days, but what about all those other accounts? The account you had to setup to buy a promotional t-shirt, the account you created on that cooking […]