The world of social media has changed the definition of the word “friend.” Now, a friend might be someone who works in your same career field, someone you knew in second grade but haven’t seen since, or just a person you chatted with for an hour in a very long line waiting for coffee. The […]

History buffs may know that the Titanic disaster had far-reaching consequences as officials struggled to understand and correct what had led to such a terrible loss of life. One of the lesser known outcomes was the formation of the Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, under the Radio Act of 1912. At the time of the ship’s sinking, anyone […]

If you had trouble using your favorite websites last Friday, you’re not alone. Large sections of the country experienced internet outages on some major sites, outages which turned out to be an intentional DDoS attack by hackers. The long list of shuttered websites included Twitter, PayPal, CNN, and Reddit, along with several news outlets, social […]

Boss Phishing: The Inside Track to Data Breaches The culprits in hacking events and data breaches have often been seen as mysterious figures with high levels of computer skill. They’re the stuff of blockbuster cyberthrillers, often portrayed as slightly unstable geniuses with unstoppable abilities. But the reality of hacking and data breaches is far more […]

Thanks to the apps that power our mobile devices, no two smartphones or tablets are identical. Besides making our devices function exactly the way we need them to, apps are what make every single device a completely unique minicomputer, perfectly suited to its owner’s needs. Unfortunately, those apps are the doorway to your security, too. […]

When people think of malicious software infecting a computer network, they probably envision a file silently accessing and replicating gigabytes worth of data to be harvested for the virus’s creators. They probably don’t think of the office coffeemaker going on the fritz. But that’s exactly what a worm called the Stuxnet worm is capable of. […]

Technology is improving at breakneck speed these days and that means we are buying new devices all the time. For many, new devices means getting rid of the old ones, and there may be some question as to what to do with these devices no longer in use. You’ve probably heard that the batteries that […]

October, as many people now know, is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. But where exactly does the awareness come from, and who is gathering the information needed to keep citizens informed about personal data protection and corporate cyber security? This information comes from a variety of individuals, from advocacy groups to IT experts, all people who […]

Businesses rejoice in their ability to promote directly and for free to customers and prospects using social media. While social media has created no-cost marketing opportunities, it also has created risks, including identity theft and data breach. Are you paying enough attention to the risks and costs? I hope so! Think about it. Social-media sites ask […]

In the wake of the Target breach, the Home Depot breach, the PF Chang’s breach, and hundreds of other corporate hacking events that made headlines in the last year, it’s easy to assume that cybercrime is only a “big company” problem. After all, hackers are taking a huge criminal risk in stealing and using other […]