One of the touchiest subjects concerning the use of technology in any workplace has got to be the policies concerning social media use and private account use. With the rise in popularity of bring your own device initiatives, some managers and supervisors have wondered about the legality of blocking certain websites or issuing mandates against […]

The Heartbleed security flaw from a few months ago may have put everyone on edge about internet security, and it’s a good thing it did. The response to the most recent bug has been a lot more low-key, possibly because we were all a little more prepared for it, even while it seems to have […]

If you are a business owner or consumer, it’s time to mark your calendar for National Cyber Security Awareness Month to educate yourself, employees and your customers on the latest identity-theft and cybersecurity trends. This cybersecurity effort offers tremendous resources to help you know more and better protect yourself and your business. The full-month program […]

If you’re like most people, you may not think much about cyber security until an incident or event causes you to have to revisit your personal data’s safety. But October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and this is a great time to put forth a little extra effort in making sure that you and […]

Is your business prepared for the cost, liability and potential business interruption of a data breach? Your business being hit by ID-theft criminals is a frightening thought, but one you should consider. Thousands of small businesses experienced a data breach around the same time as Target was making headlines, according to a Department of Homeland […]

Newer cars, USB drives and in-flight Internet are among the looming dangers cited for information and physical security at the recent 17th annual Black Hat Conference. It’s the world’s premier global information security event and one I follow closely. Black Hat Conference security experts want you to know that cybercriminals will continue to be a […]

The news headlines are filled with reports of hacking, data breaches, cybercrimes, and identity theft, and it feels like criminals find new ways to take advantage of any flaws in our technology every day. But there is a way to leverage how technology works, specifically social media accounts, in order to help protect your loved […]

You’ve heard of taking a “selfie,” in which you take a picture of yourself and post it to social media. You might even be an avid fitness fanatic and therefore have even taken a “runfie,” which is the popular term for a photo of yourself before, during, or after any serious exercise effort. But if […]

Cybercrime has become such a major global issue that many universities are now offering full degrees in the field. Covering everything from corporate security to military cyberwarfare, it’s an area of study that has a lot of students investigating it as a viable career choice. Many individuals’ knowledge of cybercrimes extends to what they see […]

With the constant news reports about hacking or data breaches, it can feel like cybersecurity is a wasted effort, but it’s not. While cyberthieves are getting very crafty about their practices and their intended targets, your own behavior can do a lot to minimize how much you’re affected. But with so much happening at school […]