There’s been a lot of attention paid to Facebook and possible links to identity theft over the past year.  Facebook now claims a Billion (with a B) users worldwide and users share information about their lives to a greater or lesser degree, based on what they post on Facebook.  Each user also may have a varied […]

Snapchat is an app that helps users connect by allowing them to send pictures which will quickly disappear after sending.  However, on New Year’s Day, they shared a lot more than they wanted to when their databases were hacked and information of 4.6 million users was leaked. This information included the phone number of these users, […]

Security analysts have been warning us for a while now that malware is an issue of concern on the Android Smartphone platform.  The operating system from Google is the most popular operating system in todays’ smartphones. Hackers can do more than just spam your contact list with free offers for pharmaceuticals or deals on your next […]

Being that I handle all of the ITRC’s social media, I come across scams all the time.  Usually they are pretty obvious and fit into a category which I have pointed out before.  However, this morning I came across something that made me shake my head with amazement. Cyber criminals have gotten so sophisticated and […]

A significant amount of attention has been focused recently on the Adobe data breach incident involving millions of passwords, user names, and in some cases, customer credit card records. The terms “encrypted”, “salted” and “hashed” have been bandied about by the media when explaining what Adobe did or didn’t do in regard to password storage […]

Social media is all about sharing. We post updates about how our day is going, share what our children are doing, show off pictures from family vacations, and even take pride in the cuteness of our pets. There’s a feeling of community in social media, and that community continues to grow every day. In fact, […]

Is it just us or did the holidays roll around a little early this year? With time flying by and holiday shopping approaching quickly, we thought it would be helpful for our audience if we covered the topic of mobile payment safety.  Mobile devices have made our lives so much easier haven’t they?   Gone […]

I have been waiting for a certain day all year long. No, it isn’t Thanksgiving where I get to eat as much turkey as I please or Christmas Day when I will undoubtedly receive numerous pairs of my favorite slipper socks.  It’s Cyber-Monday and I am counting down the days.  Last year I managed to get 6 […]

From time to time, here at the Identity Theft Resource Center, we partner with our sponsors to conduct surveys in order to find out more about how we can help consumers.  Recently we concluded a survey with our friends over at Private Wi-Fi and the results were stunning. During the course of the survey we […]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest shopping days of the year. With so many holiday sales being offered and only so many days left till Xmas, shoppers flood the stores and the internet in droves. And so do scammers.  In the fever for trying to find the best deals, be on the lookout […]