The news headlines are filled with reports of hacking, data breaches, cybercrimes, and identity theft, and it feels like criminals find new ways to take advantage of any flaws in our technology every day. But there is a way to leverage how technology works, specifically social media accounts, in order to help protect your loved […]

You’ve heard of taking a “selfie,” in which you take a picture of yourself and post it to social media. You might even be an avid fitness fanatic and therefore have even taken a “runfie,” which is the popular term for a photo of yourself before, during, or after any serious exercise effort. But if […]

Cybercrime has become such a major global issue that many universities are now offering full degrees in the field. Covering everything from corporate security to military cyberwarfare, it’s an area of study that has a lot of students investigating it as a viable career choice. Many individuals’ knowledge of cybercrimes extends to what they see […]

With the constant news reports about hacking or data breaches, it can feel like cybersecurity is a wasted effort, but it’s not. While cyberthieves are getting very crafty about their practices and their intended targets, your own behavior can do a lot to minimize how much you’re affected. But with so much happening at school […]

There’s a really funny series of commercials out right now for a popular car insurance company, featuring a sweet older lady who just doesn’t understand how her computer works. She gives a number of comedic examples of how “tech savvy” she thinks she is, often while her friends look on, shaking their heads. But the […]

Recent news reports about a public initiative from Comcast have more than a few customers scratching their heads, and critics raising a cry of alarm. Last year, the cable television, phone, and internet service provider began swapping its customers’ home service routers with new ones that will allow strangers to connect to the customers’ wifi, […]

It used to be enough to hack into a corporation’s servers, access personal data on hundreds of thousands—or even millions—of the company’s customers, and use that data to steal identities. But that’s just so much work. A new threat is on the rise, and hacker groups like Rex Mundi (King of the World) have made […]

A heated debate has been underway in the California state legislature over your telephone. Whether you knew it or not, government leaders and consumer protection groups have been battling it out over the proposed requirement that would declare mobile phone manufacturers to provide kill switches on any smartphone sold in California (the requirement that tablets […]

When most citizens think of identity theft, the usual processes might come to mind. A thief nabs a Social Security number or bank account number and makes off with a good deal of money. But as consumers have grown more aware of the problem and corporations have instituted better measures to safeguard their clients’ personally […]

As one of the leaders in the cyberinformation industry, Verizon goes to great lengths to understand how data breaches happen. In its most recent Data Breach Investigations Report (2014), the experts who analyzed more than ten years’ worth of reported cybercrimes found that more than ninety percent of the crimes could be traced to one […]