As this year winds down, it is important to spend a little time reflecting on the 2019 identity crimes, some of the things that went right in 2019 and the things that did not go as well. This is true for so many subjects, especially identity crime – which includes scams, fraud, data breaches, cybercrime […]

Google Chrome security feature

New Google Chrome features have privacy experts excited. Software developers spend a lot of time and money creating the programs and apps we use on a daily basis. Sometimes, that software could use a little facelift, especially as new features and innovations come along. Other times, the software desperately needs an upgrade due to security […]

Disney Plus on iPhone

One week after its launch, hacked Disney+ accounts are what is being discussed rather than the new video streaming service. A week ago, Disney launched a highly anticipated video streaming service, and hackers have already found a way to make a buck while ruining your fun. The service, called Disney+, contains not only Disney film […]

If you have never heard of e-skimming before, you probably want to educate yourself, especially with the holidays right around the corner. You may have heard warnings over the years about criminals tampering with credit card swipe systems at stores, gas pumps and other point-of-sale consumer stations. This tampering, known as “skimming,” happens when someone […]

zombie hand holding phone

Halloween is just around the corner, so what better time to talk about the scariest of all monsters? Zombies! And zombie apps. Zombie apps are far more dangerous than the undead threat. Worse, they move slowly, they can work in packs and if they get their teeth in you, you are done for. A zombie […]

celebrity signing autographs

Be careful about what you are searching for online regarding your favorite celebrity because it could lead to malware attacks. Social media and the internet have given us unprecedented access to our favorite actors, singers, artists and other famous people. Celebrity searches, everything from fashions and the latest gossip to viral videos and streaming shows, […]

image of computer and phone with codes

Two-factor authentication is a security protocol that requires users to take an extra step whenever they log in. For example, you open your online banking app and enter your username and password, and then wait a few seconds for a text message or email that contains a six-digit code. You enter that one-time code into […]

Image of a woman with a computer and questions marks above her head wondering if she is really cyber smart

Those fun quizzes you can take on social media where you have to identify characters from ‘90s TV shows or figuring out what kind of pasta you would be based on your answers are not the only online tests that make security experts cringe. While those are often fraught with danger, such as viruses or […]

Twitch app

Online streaming video game service Twitch has been the subject of recent discussion about account hacking. A significant number of Twitch account users have reported that their accounts were taken over by someone without access. The company, however, did not suffer a data breach. According to an article in TechCrunch, the connection seems to be […]

Mother and daughter

The second Wednesday in October is one of the most important holidays we have since it impacts every single citizen in the world. National Stop Bullying Day is not only an awareness campaign about a crucial global issue, it is also one that impacts young and old, rich and poor, every race and nationality. There […]