Halloween is not the only celebration to look forward to at this time of year. Every October, the National Cybersecurity Alliance hosts a consumer-awareness event, National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, also known as #CyberAware month, based on protecting you from harm. This month-long celebration of digital security and privacy promotes safer connectivity, healthy device use and […]

It is back to school time, or as many college students know of it, back to debt time. One of the many mounting costs associated with higher education is the price of textbooks. However, thanks to the internet, there many websites offering free and cheap digital versions of the real thing. Because of that, students […]

The first case of AI fraud has been reported after a perpetrator created an audio clip of a company’s CEO and used it to inform someone else within the company to release funds to the scammers. In the world of artificial intelligence, a “deepfake” is a completely fabricated audio or video clip in which someone’s […]

Airport charging station

If you are one of the millions of smartphone or tablet users in the U.S. who rely on their devices while traveling, there are little-known airport technology risks that can attack your identity. The convenience of available charging options and public connectivity tools can lead right back to hackers and identity thieves, but too many […]

If you are one of the millions of consumers who use a voice-activated assistant in your home or through your smartphone, your personal data and activity may become more secure due to new data privacy regulations like the European Union’s GDPR and recent privacy-related legislation. Virtual assistants and chatbot tools will now have to tighten […]

As cybercrimes go, ransomware might be one of the nastiest, which is why lots of attention is being brought to recent DSLR ransomware attacks. Using one of several different avenues of attack, a hacker infects a piece of technology with harmful software that locks up the device. The only way to unlock it and restore […]

On Wednesday, July 24, 2019, people could begin filing Equifax claims for the recent data breach settlement, which included filing an Equifax breach settlement claim for a minor. In 2017, Equifax, one of the three largest credit reporting agencies in the world, announced they suffered a data breach. More than 148 million consumers’ identities had […]

Ransomware attacks have risen steadily in the past few years to become a widespread, costly form of cybercrime. This attack, which happens when someone infects a computer or network with harmful software and demands payment to remove it, has hit every kind of industry and business and can affect companies and consumers alike. The first […]


Payment apps like Venmo have become increasingly popular lately, for good reason. However, if users are not careful about how they use and secure their information the Venmo payment app, it can be a privacy pitfall. Venmo Privacy One concern is password strength. If you are reusing an old password, your app could be infiltrated by someone […]

When it comes to our technology, our privacy and security are only as good as the devices and content we use. When there’s an unseen flaw in an app, for example, hackers can exploit it and attack our accounts without our knowledge or even without knowing the flaw exists. What Is The WhatsApp Vulnerability? That […]