Why would someone simply give you free access to a brand-new blockbuster movie or an album download from a chart-topping artist?  There are a lot of different reasons why someone might engage in piracy of copyrighted material and sadly, the internet has enabled a lot of people to distribute protected material to a mass audience. Rest […]

Privacy concerns like data tracking, selling your information to third-parties and advertisers, hacking and even potential changes to how companies allow you to access the internet are all factors that put you at risk by just logging in. So how do you protect yourself while living in an increasingly connected world? One popular tool is […]

Mistyping a domain name in an email or website can lead to disaster, as one Australian bank recently found out.   If you’ve used the internet, been in a room when someone used the internet or even just seen a commercial about (yes) using the internet, you’ve been exposed to a domain name. What is it? It’s […]

Cell phone customers have been warned about a lot of different pitfalls when it comes to protecting their privacy and their data. Using a passcode to lock your phone, logging out of sensitive apps and making sure you’re only downloading vetted content are still important ways to avoid a lot of common threats. Recently, word […]