It seems hard to imagine that companies still suffer accidental data breaches, but it happens with alarming frequency and it led to a ‘Magic: The Gathering’ data breach. It may be an employee who downloads some malicious software or falls for a spear phishing campaign, or someone who leaves an unsecured laptop or flash drive […]

Three web services recently suffered a web service data breach in August. The news broke from Krebs On Security that users of Network Solutions, and may have received notice that an unauthorized user was able to gain access to certain important pieces of information from users’ accounts. Domain Registration Websites The three companies […]

According to our 2018 End-of-Year Breach Report, there were a total of 135 financial, credit and banking data breaches, exposing 1,709,013 records last year. In the report, banking/credit/financial had the third-highest amount of data breaches of the five industry categories the Identity Theft Resource Center tracks. Of all the data breaches recorded in 2018, hacking […]

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A lot of data breaches are the work of highly-skilled hackers who use technical know-how to infiltrate a company’s cyber defenses. Others are not so elaborate, such as when a low-level criminal sends a phishing email to a company employee, one that contains a virus purchased on the dark web. While those two malicious scenarios […]

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Dark web websites contain a lot of stolen information, and that now includes Hy-Vee cards selling at unusually high prices. When an identity thief steals your information, you might be surprised to discover how little you are actually worth, at least when it comes to posting your data for sale on dark web websites. Hackers […]

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While data breaches of any kind are alarming enough, a business data breach that can leak information from an open database relating to national security can be very scary. For example, the Office of Personnel Management breach in 2015 leaked the complete identities, sometimes including background checks, fingerprints and even information pertaining to security clearances, […]

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Many security-minded tech users employ a virtual private network (VPN) when they’re online as their own private tunnel on the internet. But, it could be a bit of a disaster if someone managed to break into a VPN provider’s servers and uncover what its subscribers have been up to. That appears to be what happened […]

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are nearly 22 million government employees in the United States; according to the New York Times the U.S. has 1.3 million active-duty troops and 865,000 military members in the reserves. That is over 24 million Americans combined in the U.S. government and military. The Identity Theft Resource […]

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A Sarrell Dental data breach has led to notification letters being sent to all of its patients after ransomware was discovered on its servers back in July. The software, believed to have been installed as early as January 2019, does not seem to have locked up the network or encrypted any files, and Sarrell Dental, […]

According to our 2018 End-of-Year Breach Report, there were a total of 372 data breaches in the medical and healthcare sector that exposed over 10 million records. As of September 2019, there have already been 368 data breaches that have exposed over 36 million records in the sector – poised to push well past the […]