Music subscription site Spotify made a surprising announcement recently when the company announced that a hacker had broken through their security protocols and gained access to private information that had been submitted by its users. Unlike recent data breaches with major companies like Target and eBay, Spotify stated that it had confirmed some positive news: […]

By now, news of a major corporation like a retail chain or internet-based platform being hacked is hardly news. Companies like Target have been attacked in recent months, and the end result was that millions of customers’ personally identifiable information fell into the wrong hands. How a company responds to this kind of data breach is […]

Most tech-savvy consumers are aware of the dangers of sharing personal information online. By now, the horror stories of stolen identities have circulated far enough that (hopefully) and internet-based request for your Social Security number or checking account number would be an automatic red flag. But with the seemingly daily reports of hackers working their […]

The number of UPMC employees that have been affected by a recent data breach at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center now stands at 322, the hospital system said last week.  That appears to be in addition to more than 1,300 current and former patients the center has also informed of the breach through their notification […]

New Mexico may be joining the 46 other states in the nation that have a state data breach notification law dictating when and how entities that suffer data breaches must report the incident. State representative William R. Rehm introduced the Data Breach Notification Act (HB 224) on January 29, 2014 and the House recently passed the […]

A recent incident in South Korea gave us all a look at how countries react differently to the theft of consumer information through a breach of a large corporate entity.  In the U.S. and many other western economies, while the consumer population becomes ever more cognizant of the risks associated with a data breach, most of […]

On February 25, 2014, Hold Security, LLC announced that it had discovered almost 360 million stolen account credentials including email addresses and passwords and 1.25 billion records solely containing email addresses in just the first three weeks of February. The massive discovery is a result of multiple data breaches that Hold Security, LLC is currently investigating. Hold […]

As regular readers of the ITRC blog already know, data breaches can occur in a variety of ways.  Either by hacking, employee error or negligence, or some form of physical theft, access to customer information is given to criminals who may then use that information for illicit purposes. The financial fallout of these breaches often leads to […]

The compromise of millions of consumers’ information now has Target sending out millions of data breach notification letters and emails to victims and potential victims all over the country.  If you’re among that population, you may have already received some form of communication from Target informing you of the potential exposure of your information and what […]

It’s no longer an “if” you’re the target of a data breach; it’s just a matter of “when.” Data loss incidents are becoming an unfortunate rite of passage. More and more businesses have found themselves exposed and ill prepared to manage the fallout. While the average cost of a breach equals $5.5 million, the public reaction […]