Since the Identity Theft Resource Center first began tracking reports of data breaches, there have been more than 5,000 – and a record-high number of breaches, 784, occurred in 2014 alone. Of these events, the highest percentage at 42.5% were medical and healthcare breaches. In 2014, 33% of data breaches occurred in the business sector, […]

Your Social Security number is not very safe for two reasons – where it’s been and where it will be going. Considering how widespread the abuse of SSNs by ID-theft criminals is, maybe it should be renamed our Social In-Security number. Let me bring the point home by sharing a moment from a recent speaking […]

Is Sony’s data-breach event about to change how hackers go after our personally identifiable information in 2015? When the news broke that the information of more than 6,800 Sony employees including Social Security numbers, birth dates, and salaries – most consumers, including me, thought “Here we go again” with another typical major data breach event. […]

A number of government employees had their productivity cut short late last week when the government shut down its unclassified email system through the State Department. This shutdown occurred after IT experts noticed some unusual activity on the servers. This response, which didn’t affect any classified email systems or content, was swift and widespread throughout […]

When most people think of a hacking event that results in the loss of highly sensitive government information, they probably envision foreign spies or figures like Edward Snowden. People who not only have an agenda to fulfill but also the means and the know-how to infiltrate what has to be the most secure network in […]

“What do we do next?” Picture this: Your small business has been hacked and you are now asking yourself, your business partners or your management team that question. If the question characterizes the state of your ID-theft preparedness, the painful answer I have is: It’s already too late. You need to be ready before your […]

News broke this week of a breach of AT&T customers’ data, the second event this year for the cellular provider. In an eerily similar method of stealing private information for the purpose of reusing it, an employee allegedly accessed sensitive data, this time of over 1,600 AT&T customers. The breach that took place earlier in […]

In the latest round of confirmed data breaches, banking giant JPMorgan Chase—arguably the largest US bank—has announced that hackers may have accessed the secure information of approximately 83 million of its accounts, comprised of 76 million individual consumer accounts as well as around 7 million small business accounts. In a filing made with the Securities and Exchange […]

It feels like new reports are coming out almost every day of major retail chains whose computers were hacked, leaving consumers exposed to identity theft and credit card fraud. But new information from the Secret Service may have found the connection between many of these recent data breaches. Last month, the Secret Service released a report on […]

The Georgia-based company Home Depot, with 2,200 stores nationwide, appears to be the most recent victim of a massive data breach which may have given thieves access to tens of millions of consumers’ credit card account information. According to security blogger Brian Krebs, this data breach incident at Home Depot could be significantly larger than […]