When the public hears about the latest data breach, they might envision a network of hackers working in the dark web. The reality, though, is sometimes a lot more mundane. Accidental data breaches can happen when information is allowed to fall into the wrong hands for any number of reasons, but the concerns that can […]

When residents are alerted to a crime involving utility companies, a scammer is often the culprit. One Arizona utility company is facing an entirely different and far more sophisticated crime, though: a possible data breach that may have stolen information from as many as 30,000 customers. Goodyear city utility customers were alerted to the possible data breach […]

In recent weeks, Facebook has come under fire for an event that might change the definition of “data breach.”  Mark Zuckerberg appeared before the Senate yesterday and Congress today to answer questions about how the platform is handling the situation. Unlike other breaches where the company had no prior knowledge, and perhaps no way of stopping […]

Customers who used Orbitz, a subsidiary of Expedia.com, to book travel or accommodations between January of 2016 and December of 2017 may have had their personal information accessed by hackers. While the companies are launching a full investigation of the suspected breach, they have already determined that the unauthorized access was limited to payment card information. […]

It’s been almost five years since the retail world was rocked by the Target data breach, an event that affected millions of US consumers’ credit card and debit card accounts. The card numbers were stolen by cybercriminals due to malware installed in the point-of-sale system. Since that time, some other major-name companies have experienced similar […]

Data breaches continue to set records for numbers of separate events, numbers of compromised consumer records, and amounts of money they cost both businesses and the public. The Identity Theft Resource Center tracks those data breach events to help lawmakers, advocates, law enforcement and individuals be aware and stay prepared. A new data privacy event is making […]