Residents along the Brazos River have been devastated by recent flooding.  Now, scammers circle like vultures.

Who Is It Targeting: Residents Rosenberg, Texas and all along the Brazos River.

What Is It:  Recently the Brazos River suffered from historic flooding, causing historic amounts of damage to homes along the river valley.  Now, scammers are circling to clean up the remains. As people are sifting through the remains of their homes, thieves are approaching the home owners on the street, offering to clean up homes for an average of $2,500 per home.   Once the thief has the home owner’s cash, they do a little bit of work and wait until the home owners aren’t looking or are temporarily not present, and they take off without doing the promised work, making off with the devastated home owner’s hard earned cash.

What Are They After: Cash

How Can You Avoid It:  Never pay cash to an off the street solicitor for services before doing your due diligence.  Research the company the person says they represent, and even call the company (if you find one) to see if they’re actually soliciting business in your area.  Never pay anyone you don’t know for services unless and until you’ve thoroughly researched and confirmed that they represent a legitimate business and that the business is actually offering the service or services purported to be available by the solicitor.  Never pay for services before they’re rendered.

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