Travelers beware! There is a new scam making the rounds!

Scam: Discount Online Travel Sites

Who Is It Targeting: People Booking Hotels in Florida

What Is It: People looking for hotel rooms in the Florida area are being led to websites which are fake versions of real hotel websites. These websites offer the hotel’s rooms at incredibly low rates.  The website isn’t legitimate and is in no way affiliated with the real hotel. The traveler then books the deal and enters their credit card information.  The credit card is charged and the scammers take the money.  When the traveler shows up to the hotel, they have no reservation and the money is lost.

What Are They After: Credit Card Information

How Can You Avoid It: Check multiple travel sites for prices on the hotel for which you have found the deal. If the price on one site is significantly lower for the same hotel and the same room on one site than the others, this could mean it is a scam website.  While legitimate discount travel sites do exist, and can offer savings, consumers must check multiple sources to ensure the discount is legitimate. You can also call the hotel and ask them about the rate and the website.  While they are not aware of all special deals on their rates, they will be able to tell you if there have been cases of travelers using the scam websites. Lastly, a quick online search of third party verification sites, and review sites can provide information regarding what other consumers have experienced with specific sites.