dominion health insurance breach

Dominion National, a US-based health and dental insurance provider, has recently made a startling discovery concerning a breach of its stored information. As better cybersecurity tools are developed, the time it takes to discover a breach incident, like the Dominion National data breach, and inform the victims is getting shorter. Some breaches have been discovered just hours after the fact, while others have actually minimized the damage by recognizing an attack while it was in progress.

Anything that can shorten the amount of time between a cyberattack and the discovery of one is a good thing. However, it is not always typical. In fact, Dominion Nationals’ data breach began nearly ten years ago.

An internal investigation with the help of cybersecurity experts is ongoing, but the investigation first began due to an internal alert. The findings revealed that a lot of client information was potentially accessible by unauthorized outsiders. The information included names, addresses, birth dates and Social Security numbers. In some cases, the information also included linked bank account numbers and routing numbers. Dominion National is sending out data breach notification letters but has not disclosed how many of its customers were affected by the Dominion National data breach. It is also unclear whether or not any of the compromised information was accessed by outsiders and used maliciously.

The Dominion National data breach is not necessarily isolated to just them. Any company, even ones who have suffered other data breaches or cyberattacks in the past, could uncover evidence that their data was not secure and had not been for quite some time. Even as better security tools and protocols come along, old and long-term events like this one are not disappearing.

For affected consumers, it is important to follow the instructions in the Dominion National data breach notification letter precisely. The company is offering two years of credit monitoring to those whose information is known to have been compromised. It is vital that you follow the letter’s recommendations in order to protect yourself from any further possible harm.

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