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Identity theft creates barriers in the lives of its victim which often seem impossible to overcome. ITRC is here to help victim’s during those dark times by removing those obstacles and helping them move on with their lives. Read more about the impact of identity theft in victims lives in the ITRC's Identity Theft: The Aftermath report. 

Perhaps you have used our services and found them to be helpful or maybe you understand just how important a free resource for victims of identity theft is. Either way, you can support the work of the ITRC by donating here.  Your donation will provide one-on-assistance to more victims like the one below:

"I have had very, very difficult last 15 months of my life since I was the victim of ID theft.  I felt totally alone when it first happened.  No one believed me and everyone treated me like a criminal.  Even the police refused to assist me.  ITRC was the only group that I could speak with that treated me like someone worth helping.  Thank you for your help during one of the darkest periods of my life."

- ITRC Beneficiary




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